Lost In Time Letters by C. D. Ross

This is letter 15 in the Lost in Time Letter Subscription by C. D. Ross and it is soooo sweet! In this letter I got a fact sheet, 4 postcard pictures of the Titanic, a letter from Ethan to Aubrey, a letter from Cordy to Aubrey and a mysterious telegraph to A. Dalsh…

In the letter from Ethan to Aubrey, he mentions her last letter to him and how he also wishes to marry soon, but after he graduates. He wants to give her his full attention and not be overwhelmed with his studies. So Ethan suggest the day after he graduates and becomes a doctor for their wedding date. That way they can be together right away!!! (Which is so sweet!) He then goes on to mention the Women’s Suffrage movements and how he wants Aubrey to be careful when protesting. And he is planning on going with her during the March demonstration to protect her. Which was also super sweet! Then Ethan talks about Chad and Cordy’s wedding and how wonderful it was. But how Ethan was mostly looking at Aubrey during it!

After all the sweet talk, Ethan finally talks about the suspicious behavior of his uncle and him. He tells her about his reaction to the photo of her deceased brother that he saw. And asks if she is really certain that her brother is dead because he looks just like the Alfie Walsh fellow Ethan saw arguing with his uncle. Ethan then asks if Aubrey saw her brothers body or was it just assumed?…  He ends the letter saying that he is going to look into it, and he loves her and doesn’t want her to worry about it.

After all that drama, there is Cordy’s letter to Aubrey telling her about her new life. She talks about how beautiful her honeymoon was and how she is adjusting to life on Chad’s ship the Olympic. And she tells Aubrey not to rush into marriage, but to take her time and love Ethan. Cordy goes on to write how happy she is and how she feels so lucky to be part of Chad’s life, but she also misses her sister and can’t wait to see her again! Then she also writes about the South Pole expedition that was going on during this time, and how dreadful it is that Robert Scott didn’t get there first. (Which was such an interesting glimpse into life during this time. I had forgotten about this race to the South Pole. But C. D. Ross did her research!!!) Cordy ends the letter telling Aubrey about the Titanic and how it truly is the most magnificent ship. She sends along some pictures for Aubrey to share with the family and sends her love as well. (This letter was just adorable! But wait there is more!!!!)

The last thing in this letter package is a telegraph to A. Dalsh about how necessary actions must take place to secure a position as a safeguard and that he trusts Alfie to be discreet so C. Ismay won’t get suspicious… Signed by -K this telegraph brings even more mystery to the table and I am soooooo intrigued! I totally am obsessed with these letters and I suggest the whole subscription to young ladies who love historical romance but in letter form!!!!!!! -The Young Llama Reader.

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