The Little Mermaid’s Voice (Fairy-tale Inheritance Series Book 6) by Shonna Slayton

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You know how a book cover just pulls you in sometimes? And you can’t look away because the art is just so stinking beautiful?!? No? Well, as an artist and book-lover I tend to obsess about covers sometimes. And this cover is no exception! Look at it!!!! (It looks like one of those paper cut-out artworks)

Anyways, this book is s rewrite of The Little Mermaid. But instead of her story, the book is about her niece and restoring the peace between the ocean and land. Set in 1912 during the rise (and fall) of the Titanic, Mairin is the next queen of the sea. But her people are trapped below the water with no way to breach the surface… Unless Mairin breaks the curse left on her people after her aunt died. To do so she must trust the very sea witch that cursed the Little Mermaid, gain legs and win the heart of the grandson of the Prince. Then her people will be set free. Easy right?

This book was amazing!!!!!!!! I mean I am completely obsessed and I need the rest of the series! There is romance in the book, adventure above and below the water, action, suspense and a little bit of magic. The book has a lot of the original story in it, which I really like. If you don’t know the original story of The Little Mermaid, then this book may confuse you. (However, this book is for girls 16 and up in my opinion. The original story is a bit dark and so is the Titanic.)

Now there is violence in this book. The book is about the Titanic so people so die, drown and freeze. The Little Mermaid story talks about how for a merperson to walk on land they will feel like they are walking on broken glass and bleed. Not to much blood mentioned but it is there. Also the merpeople don’t wear clothes because their scales cover everything including their torsos, arms and neck. So nothing is inappropriate in the book, but the story is still a bit dark in places due to the death so 16 and up.

Over all, I am completely obsessed with this series and I totally suggest it! I really loved the mention of God throughout the book and how the merpeople learn to forgive and love again. I just love it!!!!!!! Have a great day! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • An amazing rewrite!!!
  • Very clean for girls 16 and up!
  • A perfect fairy-tale!!!


  • Mention of violence and death…
  • Titanic…

Ever since the fateful day when the little mermaid risked everything for a human soul, merpeople have been under lockdown—absolutely no surfacing.

Sea princess Mairin bristles under the restriction and blames humans for her confinement. But when the kingdom comes under attack, the merqueen surprises Mairin by sending her to watch over a human they’ve secretly been protecting, the descendant of the little mermaid’s prince.

Feeling betrayed by her family, Mairin is all too ready to listen to the sea witch’s offer to redeem the little mermaid’s mistake and free her people. Using the sea-witch’s potion to gain legs and follow the human aboard the Titanic, Mairin sets out to complete the circle of unrequited love. If she can make the descendant fall in love with her, she will win back the freedom of her people.

But as she gets to know the humans, her heart changes toward them. Mairin realizes she has made a bigger mistake than the little mermaid ever did. Can she save the humans and her kingdom?

Based on the original telling of The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen

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