The Shores Beyond Time (Chronicle of the Dark Star Book 3) by Kevin Emerson

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3.9 Llamas


“Sigh…” Why do good series sometimes end poorly? I was so very disappointment in the ending of the series, which I thought was possibly better than Star Wars! And now I want to drop this book and go find a book with a good ending that doesn’t disappoint me.

This book is the ending book in the Dark Star Chronicle series. When Liam and Phoebe escaped (from book 2) and went through a mysterious door to escape from their 2 species that are ready to go to war, they weren’t ready to appear in a dead universe. With a ship that’s been missing for years, an alien machine that has a mind of it’s own and more time travel than the universe can handle!… Will humanity survive or has Liam doomed them all?

The first 2 books were so good!!!!!! Why did it end so bad?!?! It’s not that I didn’t like this book, it’s that the last 3 chapters were lame and should-of totally ended different! (I don’t usually get mad about books ending, even when I think it could of gone better a different way. But the way this series ended was beyond disappointing…)

The book was good, (or at least up till the last bit was good) with lots of adventure, action and interesting sci-fi that certainly kept me reading. But there is violence in the book. People get shot, die, blow up, “disappear”. There is mention of floating bodies and stealing life force. Plus some freaky alien stuff that doesn’t make much sense. However, none of it is described bloody style or anything.

Over all, I am disappointed… I thought this series would end different and I now only like books 1 and 2. I guess I suggest this book? But be warned it will turn out sad… Bye for now. -The Young Llama Reader.


  • A good adventure for boys!
  • Clean sci-fi!


  • Violence and mention of war…
  • Creepy sci-fi parts…

It is Earth year 2256—but the fate of the few who even remember Earth is perilously in doubt. Mina Saunders-Chang and many of the surviving humans are stranded in the Centauri system, having barely survived their confrontation with the Telphon refugees. Now everyone—human and Telphon alike—is caught in the blast zone of the Centauri supernova. And yet there’s only one question Mina is asking:

Where are Liam and Phoebe?

Having barely made it through the battle at the Centauri system with their lives, Liam and Phoebe awake on a mysterious ship in the middle of a dead universe. The ship bears the markings of a human starliner that disappeared decades ago—but even more disturbing than that is the massive alien machine floating in the starless space before them.

A machine long abandoned but now showing signs of life. A machine that has begun speaking to Liam in a voice only he can hear. . . .

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