Book Series I’m reading right now!

Hola my Llama Readers! I hope everybody is doing well right now; I am doing pretty ok but I am slowly running out of books… (Talk about a llama crisis!) But here are some series I am reading and re-reading right now.

1. Keeper of the Lost Cities! This is my FAVORITE series. I love the action, adventure, suspense and magic qualities of the books! (And the “magic” in the book is completely clean! No voo-doo or dark stuff. It’s almost scientificy!) Though there is some violence. So this series is an 10 and up series. (I’m currently re-reading this series)

2. The Wingfeather Saga. I really love this series. It is a Christian fiction series for kids, teens and families! There is action, adventure, magic and wonderful good verses evil battles that leave you wanting more! (I am currently crying over this series) However, parts of this series feel kind-if dark. So ask your parents first! (8 and up!)

3. The Series of Unfortunate Events. I am reading this series for the first time and really loving it!!!!! The action, humor, and unhappy endings are soooooo much fun to read! I am on book 11 now, (I think) and I can’t wait to read the rest!!!!! (I am currently reading this one)

These 3 series are slowly helping me through the struggle of having no books. And I will hopefully be posting more reviews soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a wonderful day! -The Young Llama Reader. (Now on to book 5 of KOTLC!)

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