The Queen: A Modern-Day Esther Story by C. D. Ross

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Ok, I got another one of C. D. Ross’ books! I could not resist!!!!!!! So, when I find a Christian author I kind-of stick to them like glue! And when Ms. Ross sent me her book ‘An Outlaws Redemption’ I FELL IN LOVE! So I went and got 3 more of her books!!!!! (And I plan on getting the rest of her books soon!) Can you tell I love her books? All of those sentences ended with explanation points…

This book is a retelling of the beautiful story of Queen Esther. It is a book of love overcoming all! God’s love. And the way He can guide one woman to save her entire kingdom. This retelling is a modern retelling and I adore it!!!!!!!!!

The book was funny, interesting, and is such a beautiful romance that warms your heart! I loved it! I got it yesterday and could not wait to read it today! And then I finished it today… And now I’m sad!!!!! Cause it was just soooooooo good! (Ms. Ross? PLEASE WRITE MORE BOOKS!)

Now, there is some “adult” stuff in this book. Nothing is ever described, but it is mentioned. It is the story of Esther, and she did marry a king who… uh… well just read the Bible and find out for yourself.

Over all, THIS BOOK IS AMAZING!!!!!! I just can’t even describe how I love it!!!! It is the perfect book for a Christian fiction lover! This is a book I suggest to girls 16 and up, and I hope you have a fantastic day!!!!!!! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • A amazing book for girls 16 and up!
  • Christian-friendly!!!
  • A Queen Esther retelling!


  • Mention of some adult subjects.

You’ve read it as a Biblical tale of courage, now experience the beloved story of Esther as it springs to fresh life in this inspired, modern-day novel! A gripping tale of jealousy, obsession, betrayal, love and mercy is told anew. Witness the book of Esther like never before! It is the pageant of a lifetime. 127 women and only one chance to win. A young, beautiful maid named Katherine — a simple commoner — suddenly finds herself chosen as a contestant for the handsome, mature King’s potential bride.She is faced with an uncertain future and he is a magnificent King with a lonely heart. Through unlikely circumstances, they develop a friendship and an unexpected love. But as the day of the King’s decision draws near, she discovers that the stakes for the crown are much higher than she thought and their very lives could be in danger.Will their love be enough to save his kingdom and her life? Or will it be the key to their undoing?It all comes down to one simple question, does she have what it takes to be the Queen?

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