Baker Book House!

Ok, I LOVE almost all of the books released or published by Baker Book House! (And I do have a lot!!!) Baker Book House is a Christian based book house, that sells and publishes books! And I LOVE IT!!!!! (I actually found the Wingfeather Saga while I was there!)

Baker Book House has been running for over 80 years; and has a huge collection of Christian books. Ranging from: romance to suspense, fiction, non-fiction, devotionals and a HHUUUGGGGEEEEE used books section as well! It is located in Grand Rapids, MI. And I TOTALLY suggest going there; it is an awesome spot to vacation at!!!! (Picture of me in the used book section!!!!! Told you it was huge! -> )

Now, I have got 2 books from Baker Book House by Erin Bartels that were a tiny bit weird… So not ALL the books at Baker are Christian. They do sell a few non-Christian I believe. But that doesn’t mean the books aren’t clean!!!!!! (Just be careful when browsing)

Anyways, I  totally suggest shopping at   And I hope you all have a great day!!! -The Young Llama Reader.

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