Happy Covid Easter!!!!!

Hola my Llama Friends! I hope you are all having a great time being quarantined in your house, stuck inside with all your beloved family members. Slowly going insane and deciding if you should burn a impossible Thomas Kinkade puzzle!!!!!!… Haha…Sorry, I guess I’m speaking from experience. (I seriously want to burn this stupid puzzle!!!!!!!! It was almost impossible!!!!!)

But even though this is such a weird Easter and it isn’t the normal way I would normally celebrate the day the Jesus rose from the grave and set us all free from our sins! We should try to make the best of it. Give or make an Easter basket for an loved one! Or try to make something for your parents, guardian, grandparent; cause they’re stuck in the house with you too, ya know. They might need a little love as well!

Just try your very best to give love this weird, different Easter. Be love, share love and give love. Happy Easter my Llama Book Lovers!!!!! -The Young Llama Reader.

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