Mulan: Before the Sword by Grace Lin

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Ok, I ADORE this book!!!!! The action, mythology, and magic in it is AMAZING!!!!!! I totally suggest this book to anyone who loves a good Disney book. Kids, teens, ADULTS EVEN!!!! (I seriously love this book!)

The book is before the new Mulan movie that’s coming out. (Super excited to watch it!!!) It is her adventure of trying to find a cure for her sisters spider bite. And she travels with this magical ‘Immortal’ being called the Jade Rabbit to different lands of enchantment to look for the cure!

The book was soooooo interesting! The author really knew what she was doing when she researched on all the Chinese myths. Now, there is a ton of magic in this book, but it is an amazing and beautiful culture. And nothing in the book was like ‘voo-doo’, or creepy magic. It was all clean and kid-friendly, and stayed perfectly in my magic comfort zone. There is light violence in the book. Some people get hurt, monsters get killed, (like 2 monsters and they ‘magically’ died) and they say demon instead of monster sometimes. That’s about it.

The only thing that stopped me in my tracks was one transgender comment. The Jade Rabbit can change into any form he wishes, which also means he can be both genders. It was only one mentioned once, and even though I would-of preferred it not in the book, it wasn’t that bad and I still suggest this book to you now!

Over all, READ THIS BOOK!!!!!! It is amazing and beautiful! And sooooooooo worth the $16 I paid for it. (I’d buy it if it was $25!!!) This is a great book for those who love a good magical adventure filled with all sorts of magic and mystery!!!!! I hope you all have a great day. -The Young Llama Reader.


  • AMAZING!!!!!!
  • An absolutely, spectacular book!!!!
  • Totally a great read for kids and teens!


  • Chinese mythology is mentioned throughout the book.
  • Minimum violence.
  • One transgender like comment.

New York Times bestselling author Grace Lin pens this novel filled with adventure and wonder set before the upcoming Walt Disney Studios Mulan film.

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