Llama Coronavirus Update.

Sick llama character wrapped green scarf with thermometer in his mouth, cute alpaca animal cartoon vector Illustration on a white background

Hey my Llama Friends.

I know everyone is panicking right now due to the Corona spreading everywhere so fast; but I just wanted you to know, I believe that it is not that dangerous and kids are very much safe from it. You just need to wash your hands a lot and try not to touch friends and strangers so much. The Coronavirus has been around for years but no one knew it before now. It’s a lot like the flu and is pretty harmless to kids. There is no reason to panic, the virus will most likely be over with is s few months. This is a lot like the flu, it just takes longer.

So, while all you kids are home from school, help clean around the house. Wash the dishes (I hate washing the dishes), clean your room, help your family around the house when needed. Play games, craft! I customize old dolls that I have into brand new ones! (But! When you do your first doll it’s going to look rough. It’s your first one, so don’t pick a favorite doll.) Or try drawing!!!! I draw all the time and if you watch a few lessons on drawing it gets pretty fun! Or maybe try making a mini house or building out of cardboard and glue! (I do that all the time too!) There are lots of things to do while this virus passes.

Another thing to do is stop by your library and pick up some books and DVD’s! Read a lot, and watch something with your family. And if you library is closed (like mine…so sad) then ask you parents if you can get a kindle or eBooks to read instead.(They are usually cheaper that real books anyway!) And stay healthy! Keep safe! And PLEASE wash your hands! 🙂 And tomorrow on Sunday, President Trump has declared a National Day of Prayer for the Coronavirus. Pray a little. -The Young Llama Reader.

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