Good Book Series for Kids and Teens!!!

Ok, so a lot of people apparently don’t spend time looking for books anymore. (Unlike me, who will spend HOURS looking for books!!!!!!!!…I really like books…) So I am going to introduce to you some great book series for kids and teens!!!!

1. Epic Order of the Seven! A great series for families to read together and teens to read by themselves. It is a Bible reinterpretation (Biblical fiction) about animals in the Bible times. There is some violence but it is still a great book series!

2. Keeper of the Lost Cities!!!! This is MY favorite series to read and I can not wait for the last books to come out!!!! It is about elves fighting to keep the world safe. There is magic, there is violence and it is an awesome book series for 8 to 36 year olds!!!!!! (I love this series, but it is probably a girl series)

3. Annie Douglass Lima’s Books!!!! Annie is an author of 2 different series and I love them BOTH!!!!!! I HIGHLY suggest her books to boys, and they are great books for 9 to 17 year olds!!!!! (I had to put 17 cause I am gonna be 17 soon and I still LOVE THEM!!!!) One series is about a slave fighting for his freedom and the other is about a war going on in this amazing kingdom!!!!!!! I love both and totally suggest them. (The slave series is probably more of a teens book)

4. Gordon Korman’s books!!! Gordon writes such funny books and I adore them!!!! I totally suggest his books to young boys. Is books are very clean with some boy humor in them, (Mostly bathroom talk) but are still sooooooo good!!!!!

5. Star Wars books! I love Star Wars and have been reading them for quite some time now. But the newer books have some curse words in them and 1 or 2 are inappropriate. (Lost Stars waaaayyyyy bad!!! And Ahsoka… Don’t read those ones) I suggest these books to 10 to 153 year olds.

6. Love-Inspired (Suspense) This is a HUGE series that is perfect for 15 to 48 year olds. But be WARNED!!!! These books are NOT for kids!!!!!!! This is a young adult series and can talk about a lot of adult topics!!! Murder, serial killers… It is a clean, Christian-friendly (oddly enough) series but is NOT KID-FRIENDLY!!!! (Ask your parents before reading)

These are just some of the great series for kids and teens to read. I hope this was helpful to you some how!!! And I hope you pick a new series to read! Love ya. -The Young Llama Reader.

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