Happy Thanksgiving My Llama Friends!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I hope you are all enjoying yourselves with all the wonderful food that family and friends made. (I personally DON’T like turkey or cranberries (YUCK!) but I LOVE my family; and I will choke down the turkey as long as I can hangout with the amazing people God put in my life.

And I am still on the lookout for more books. (Again… Why are books sooooo hard to find!?!?) But if any of you have any books you would love to suggest to me, you can contact me on Gmail. (theyoungllamareader@gmail.com) And on December 1st I will be posting my Young Llama Christmas Book List!!!!! Which is my book list for Christmas including Boy books, Girl books, Family, Series, Kids, and Teens. There are 10 books total and I have to decide my 1st book… Still haven’t figured which book it will be….

Well, I hope you all have a Merry Thanksgiving, and a Happy Christmas! 😉 Love you all!!!! -The Young Llama Reader.

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