Iron Tide Rising by Carrie Ryan and John Parke Davis

Young Llama Thoughts
  • Adventurous
  • Christian Friendly
  • Easy Reading
  • Humerous
  • Youth Appropriate
4.5 Llamas


This is the final book in The Map to Everywhere series… IT’S JUST SOOO SAD! I love this series, the magical adventure, amazing characters and just plain awesome plot line! IT’S PERFECT!!!

Now the book does have magic in it, but it’s like Disney magic in a way. Ya know, funny-slightly-weird magic that makes you laugh, and pulls you into the book. There are wizards, magical tattoos, a tide made of iron that freezes everything it touches… Disney magic. 🙂

Over all, I do believe this is a great book for kids (and teens), and I totally suggest it! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • Very kid-friendly
  • Super awesome plot line


  • Lots and lots of magic

Intrepid travelers Fin and Marrill have shared countless thrilling and treacherous adventures on the magical waters of the Pirate Stream. But neither could have expected that their final adventure would force them to team up with their oldest enemy: the evil wizard Serth! With the fate of the Stream and all their friends hanging in the balance, can they challenge the most frightening power they’ve ever come up against? Find out in this mind-blowing conclusion to the Map to Everywhere series!

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