It’s Time for School!!!

Who’s excited for school?!?!?!?!!!!! I know I am, my sister and I have been ready to go back to school since summer began! (We don’t really know what to do with “free time”)

I love school, but what I really love is NEW BOOKS!!!! It seems all of the new books are coming out in September, October, and November. (I am especially excited for the new Keeper of the Lost Cities, the next Skyward and new Star Wars books!!!!!)

Anyways, we are also approaching the 1 year anniversary of!!!!! Last year, on October 16th, I published my very first book review… THRAWN!!!! And since then, I have posted 189 reviews and Llama Musings!!!! 189!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it is all thanks to you! Without you guys visiting my website and reading my reviews this wouldn’t have happened. And now (also thanks to you) I have roughly 300 to 1000 people visiting my website daily!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!

Thank you all soooooo much for supporting me, and thank you to all the authors who sent me their books as well! And remember to always have fun and be happy at school! Love ya! -The Young Llama Reader.


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