Authors and different books.

Hola my Llama Friends!

It has been awhile since I last did a Llama Musing, and I actually have a very important subject to talk about. Authors and their different books. (I haven’t really thought about this before until recently, when I read Skyward and the I got another book by the some author. Skyward was pretty clean and a good book for teens, the other book was not really good…)

Most famous authors have more than one series. And I have read a lot of different books by a lot of different people; however, just because one of their books was clean does not mean all of their books are clean.

I can give you many examples of good series: Keeper of the Lost cities, The False Prince, Skyward. And then give you series that are not so good by the same author: Let the Sky Fall, Mark of the Thief, Steelheart. What happened is that I read the good books, and was looking for more and got books by the same author. And quickly found out, that Let the Sky Fall wasn’t really clean even though Keeper of the Lost Cities is, even though their by the same author. One series might be good, but the other might not be. It’s hard to tell.

So, when I am reviewing books on Young Llama; I am not claiming that all of the authors books are good. I am claiming from a Christian perspective, that I enjoyed the book I am reviewing. I don’t want you buying all of his or her books cause I said this one was good. Please look into ALL of the books, before reading one. Now-a-days you could get anything by opening a book. I really hope this was helpful, and that you find a good book on my website. Love, -The Young Llama Reader.

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