Warning on books!!!!!

Ok, so I have been looking for more books lately and I found some….. But they are NOT good. (I was ready to throw them when the weird stuff showed up in them!) The books that have been coming out these past few years can have weird stuff in them. So, this is a warning on these 2 books so no one else gets surprised like I did.

The first book is, Frozen 2: Forest of Shadows.

I was looking for a good book that younger kids would like to read; and thought Frozen would be PERFECT!… It’s not…. There is LGBT in the 2nd or 3rd chapter right away. (And as I have to say over and over again. I do not dislike LGBT people, I just don’t want to find this stuff in kids books. I think there should be a warning on the book that tells you this is in there; not just a little, sneaked in sentence…) There is a blacksmith and HER wife in this book. It kind-of snuck up on me and I was very upset that Disney would put this in a KIDS BOOK!!!! Adult books? I’m fine with. You can chose if you want to read it. Kid books? NO. Especially if you don’t know it’s in there till you hand it too your kid and THEY find it.



And the other book was, A Touch of Gold.

This was kind-of like a Rumpelstiltskin story and I was REALLY excited about reading it… Till the head skining came up…. There was a guard who was be-headed and they couldn’t find… well the head! And then the girl (who happens to be made out of gold. How cool is that!?!) “see’s” a guy holding… something and… skinning it!!!!!!! Do NOT read it!!!!! I was sooooooo grossed out!!!! The book was (as far as I could tell from the 5 to 6 chapters I read) clean; but the ‘skinning’ just ruined it for me!


I hope these warning help you, and I REALLY hope you didn’t read the gold one and find-out about the head skinning yourselves. (It really creeped me out!) Have a great day everyone!!!! -The Young Llama Reader.

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