The Lost Island of Tamarind by Nadia Aguiar

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3.9 Llamas


Ok, I love this book!!! The adventure, the surviving in a unknown jungle, the creepy lady who kidnaps children and makes them work in her mine and drinks out of their skulls!!!!… Ok, that part was a little creepy… But the rest of it was AWESOME!!!!!!

Now, you are probably freaking-out right now because of the lady; very understandable, but it isn’t that bad. Ok ok! It is that bad. The lady is REALLY weird! She kidnaps children and forces them to work in her mine; and apparently she has a bad habit of using children’s bones as decor… And may I just say… CREEPY!!!! But the book is really good, and yes the lady is weird but she has to be there, it’s a big part of the story. (But before you go and get this book, may I just say… ASK YOUR PARENTS FIRST! The book is very clean, except for all the violence, but I’m going to say this book is NOT for younger kids. Ten and up maybe, ask your parents)

Anyways, the rest of the book is very interesting, but it is violent. There are pirates who got half-eaten by sharks, (I have no idea how you get “half-eaten” but whatever) and there is a war going on so there is a lot of bodies in the jungle. (But don’t worry… they are all bones) Sooooo… My 10 and up still stands.

Over all, I DO think this book is really good and I DO suggest it; but please ask your parents about it before you read it. Thank you! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • Really amazing plot line
  • Very enjoyable story!


  • A LOT of violence
  • A really weird lady who use’s kids… bones as decor…

It is not down on any map; true places never are.

Maya Nelson isn’t your typical thirteen-year-old. She’s spent her whole life living on the sea with her marine biologist parents, her younger brother, Simon, and baby sister, Penny. Maya used to love living on a sailboat, but lately, everything feels terribly claustrophobic. Maya longs to go to school on land. To make friends. To lead a normal life. But when a violent storm hits and Maya’s parents are washed overboard, life becomes anything but normal. The children manage to steer the boat toward a mysterious island, to a place that doesn’t exist on a map.

Welcome to Tamarind, where fish can fly, pirates patrol the waters, jaguars lurk, the islanders are at war, and an evil, child-stealing enchantress rules the jungle.

Maya never imagined she’d have to face so many dangers. But then, who could have imagined a place like Tamarind?

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