Explorer Academy: The Nebula Secret by Trudi Trueit

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  • Adventurous
  • Christian Friendly
  • Easy Reading
  • Humerous
  • Youth Appropriate
4.6 Llamas


My sister got this book at Barnes and Noble, and because she is soooo nice she let me read it first!!!! The book is actually a National Geographic book. So obviously, it’s clean. (Cause like ‘Duh!’ why would National Geographic not be clean.)

Anyways, the book was about this kid, who is going to the Explorer Academy, and is trying to figger-out why his  mother was killed. So it’s mystery/awesome I guess… mostly awesome though.  🙂

I thought the book was great and really enjoyed it; the only down side to me was the pictures. I am not a picture book kind-of-person so that was the only let down for me.

Over all, I loved everything but the pictures, and I totally think this book is kid-friendly. I highly suggest this book and series! -The Young Llama Reader.



  • Adventurous, funny and just plain awesome!
  • VERY kid-friendly.


  • Pictures?

Cruz leaves his tranquil home in Hawaii to join 23 talented kids from around the globe to train at the Explorer Academy with the world’s leading scientists to become the next generation of great explorers. But for Cruz, there’s more at stake. No sooner has he arrived at the Academy than he discovers that his family has a mysterious past with the organization that could jeopardize his future. In the midst of codebreaking and cool classes, new friends and augmented reality expeditions, Cruz must tackle the biggest question of all: Who is out to get him, and why?

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