Edge of Extinction: The Ark Plan by Laura Martin

Young Llama Thoughts
  • Adventurous
  • Christian Friendly
  • Easy Reading
  • Humerous
  • Youth Appropriate
4.5 Llamas


This book is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! I love it soooooooo much!!!! So, I was looking for more kid books to read and review, and I saw this one. I was a little bit hesitate to get it cause it looked violent, but it actually wasn’t that bad!

The book is kind-of like a kid-friendly Jurassic World; it is a bit violent, but come-on!… It’s dinosaurs. Did you really expect it not to be violent? There is blood but mostly from the ‘over-grown lizards’. There is mention of people being shot and one guy lost his leg cause he was too slow for a steel door… But it wasn’t described in too much detail. It just said he lost his leg.

Over all, I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS BOOK!!!!!!! The adventure, the dinosaurs and the characters!!!! I highly suggest this book; I believe this book is kid-friendly but if you don’t like ‘giant lizards who have a bad habit of munching on people’… then this book is not for you. Love ya guys!!!! -The Young Llama Reader.

(Also, the book is not a christian book but there is a mention of a guy who named himself Noah and he has this big weird plan called the ‘Ark Plan’ to save humanity… There is also a rebellion called the ‘Dove’ who want to go out and see if the world is safe for humans to live in again. I found this hilarious, and showed it to my dad who also thought it was funny.)


  • Awesome times 10!
  • Surprisingly kid-friendly


  • Violence cause DUH!!!!!!! THE BOOKS ABOUT DINOSAURS!!!!!

One hundred and fifty years ago, the first dinosaurs were cloned. Soon after, they replaced humans at the top of the food chain. The only way to survive was to move into underground compounds. . . .

Five years ago, Sky Mundy’s father vanished from North Compound without a trace. Now she has just stumbled on a clue that not only suggests his disappearance is just the tip of an even larger mystery, but also points directly to the surface. To find her dad—and possibly even save the world—Sky and her best friend, Shawn, must break out of their underground home and venture topside to a land reclaimed by nature and ruled by dinosaurs.

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