Schooled by Gordon Korman

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4.1 Llamas


Oh my STARS!!! This was one amazing book! The author, Gordon Korman, contacted me and thanked me for putting his book, Restart, up for Book of the Month; and he asked me to review another one of his books. So I picked this one… and may I just say I MADE AN AMAZING CHOICE!!!

The book is about a hippie that was home-schooled all his life going to a normal school and trying to fit in. This book talks a lot about a kid being different than everyone else and being mistreated because of it; and how instead of being mean to him, some of the kids try to help him. AND IT IS JUST PLAIN AWESOME!!!!

The book is super kid-friendly and a perfect book for a young christian! (Cause obviously, we’re different and sometimes we have a hard time fitting in too…) And I just plain love it!!!

Over all, READ THIS BOOK!!! PLEASE!!! This is a must read book for boys and girls of all ages.


  • Funny, awesome, a great book for kids


  • Bullies? You know, because bullying is talked about in the book.

Capricorn (Cap) Anderson has never watched television. He’s never tasted a pizza. Never even heard of a wedgie. Since he was little, his only experience has been living on a farm commune and being home-schooled by his hippie grandmother, Rain.

But when Rain falls out of a tree while picking plums and has to stay in the hospital, Cap is forced to move in with a guidance counselor and her cranky teen daughter and attend the local middle school. While Cap knows a lot about tie-dying and Zen Buddhism, no education could prepare him for the politics of public school. Right from the beginning, Cap’s weirdness makes him a moving target at Claverage Middle School (dubbed C Average by the students). He has long, un-groomed hair, wears hemp clothes, and practices Tai Chi out on the lawn. Once Zach Powers, big man on campus, spots Cap, he can’t wait to introduce him to the age-old tradition at C Average: the biggest nerd is nominated for class president…and wins.

Will Cap turn out to be the greatest president in the history of C Average? Or the biggest punch line?

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