Three Wishes by Lisa T. Bergren

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  • Christian Friendly
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  • Youth Appropriate
4.4 Llamas


So, I sometimes borrow books form my mom, cause it is almost impossible to find any good clean kids books anymore!!! Well anyways, I found this book in my moms library, (I am not joking about the library, my mom has like over 4oo books!!!) and I recognized the cover; cause I know the lady who took the Bea-ut-i-ful picture on the cover!!!! Jennifer Ilene!!!!!! I love her looking at her photos; she is sooooooooooo talented!!!!!!! (I believe she’s on Facebook if your interested) Ok, I’ll stop bragging about Jennifer… BUT YOU SHOULD REALLY GO AND LOOK AT HER AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHY!!!!!!!!

Anyways, the book is about a girl who goes back in time to the 1800’s. And I LOVE time-travel, so of course I had to read this. And it is amazing!!!!! Totally loved it except for all the kissing… (I’m not a fan of saliva-exchanging) But I don’t think this is a kid’s book, it’s not inappropriate but it’s not for kids. I would suggest 12 and up, but hey, for all I know, it could be appropriate for kids… But you did come to MY website for My advice on this book, so I am telling you… 12 and up. (Again, I don’t think it’s inappropriate, there was just some mention of adult-ishy stuff.)

Over all, LOVE IT!!!!! Highly suggest it to young and older women. This is a great book for teens and adults and I think you should go but it right about… NOW! Love you all! Have a wonderful rest of your day!!! -The Young Llama Reader.

P.S. Go to Facebook to see Jennifer Ilene’s amazing Photographs, cause they are GORGEOUS!!!!! (Jennifer Ilene Photography) 🙂


  • TIME TRAVEL!!!!!!!
  • Christian-friendly
  • A great book for girls 12 and up.


  • More of a teen book than a kids book

Zara Ruiz is a normal California girl on the verge of graduating from high school and thinking about her dawning future. But when dusk brings a shattering loss—and she discovers a priceless object in the shallows of a tide pool—she is thrust a hundred-and-eighty years into the past. There she meets handsome ranchero Javier de la Ventura—who has big dreams and secret sorrows—along with his enchanting family, in a land that is at once familiar, and yet utterly foreign.

Between cattle rustlers, pirates and a growing call for statehood, it is not a peaceful time to be a Mexican settler in young Alta California. But Zara must decide if she’s discovered what she longs for most in the past, or if her heart’s THREE WISHES can only be found in the present.

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