God’s Not Dead 2 by Travis Thrasher

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4.3 Llamas


Wow… Wow…WOW!!!! This book is just plain AMAZING!!!! I am blown away on how good it is!!!!!!!!  I MEAN IT WAS SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!! Ok, ok… focus Kelsey.

So, when my family watched “God’s Not Dead 3” I started wondering if there were books on the movies. If you know me, you will soon find out that I love to find my favorite movies as books; so when I do find them… I lose my mind trying to get them in my hands like NOW!!! So, after my sister and I watched all of the “God’s Not Dead” movies I was like, “I wonder if there are books?”. And there is only one book… God’s Not Dead 2. So, I managed to get my hands on a copy, and may I just say… Wow.

The book is like the movie, but goes more into the story. It is mostly about the lawyer, Tom, and some of the reporter, Amy. It is very much enjoyable to learn more about these characters; and I must say, I really enjoyed the romance side of it. (Don’t worry it is not a big part of the book, and it is not inappropriate either.) The only part of the book that I didn’t like was a sentence written down by the reporter. It wasn’t big and noticeable, but it was there. It just makes the book a teen book. NOT a kids book. (Sorry) I personally think this is a great book for Christians to read, as long as you are 12 and up.

Over all, Wow… I highly suggest this book to teens and adults!!!! Like seriously, read this book; it puts a whole new perspective on the movie! (I’m gonna need to watch the movie again.)

I love you all soooooooooo much! God’s NOT dead! – The Young Llama Reader.


  • It is also a movie.


  • There are two sentences that were… not appropriate… so it’s not a kids book.

God’s not dead . . . but they’re trying to kick him out of the public square!
Welcome back to Hope Springs . . . where Christian Grace Wesley teaches high school history. She is on the hot seat with the school district after she answers Brooke Thawley’s question about Jesus during a classroom discussion. Suddenly, Brooke becomes a pawn in an epic court case that could cost Grace the career she loves.

Tom Endler, a lawyer with the teachers’ union, is tapped to reluctantly represent Grace in her fight for her First Amendment rights. He finds himself fighting for a cause he doesn’t even believe in. Tom’s research leads him to Amy Ryan, a reporter and former skeptic who found faith while battling cancer and watching the classroom battle unfold at Hadleigh University a year ago. Both are soon on a journey to understand what genuine faith really means as they fight to save Grace’s job and avoid a court decision that could cripple the free speech rights of all Christians in the marketplace.

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