The Turning by Emily Whitman

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  • Youth Appropriate
3.6 Llamas


Ok, so this was a strange book. The book is about Selkies. A Selkie is kind-of like a mer-person, but can transform into a seal instead of just having a fish tail. If that is not weird-a-enough for you yet, a Selkie can shed their pelt/fur and become a human. The only problem I have is that when they do that, they don’t wear any…thing… at all… No clothes, no cover ups, nothing; they are just naked as a shaved Wookie. The book did not describe anything but it was mentioned, like twice, and I’m not really sure how I feel about that yet. I’m still kind-of deciding.

Anyway, the book is about a kid trying to get his pelt so he can become a seal and join his clan. The book was very appropriate (except for the naked part) and was super fun to read (except for the naked part); and I did enjoy it (EXCEPT FOR THE NAKED PART!!!).

Over all, I guess this was a good book, I just didn’t like the part about no clothes. I think this book is kid-friendly but I’m still not completely sure… (Ask your parents please…)


  • Interesting plot line


  • Questionable… stuff

Aran has never truly fit in with his selkie clan. He was born in his human form, without a pelt to transform him into a sleek, strong seal. Each day he waits, left behind while his selkie family explores the deep ocean. What if his pelt never comes? Does the Moon even see him? Is he putting his clan at risk?

When his mother undertakes a journey to the far north to seek help, Aran is left in the care of a reclusive human woman on remote Spindle Island. Life on land is full of more wonders—and more dangers—than Aran could have ever imagined. Soon Aran will be forced to decide: will he fight for his place on land, or return to his home in the sea?

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