Nancy Drew: The Secret of the Old Clock by Carolyn Keene

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  • Easy Reading
  • Humerous
  • Youth Appropriate
3.7 Llamas


This is a good book, though it’s not one of my favorites. Personally, I like more adventure and action (basically sci-fi) than home town mysteries. I did like it, but it did take me two weeks to read because I just wasn’t interested.

I have read Nancy Drew before, and I did sort-of enjoy them; but they never were my favorites. The books are clean though, and very youth-appropriate, though more for girls than boys. Again, I really don’t know what you read, but I’m probably an unusual girl and I read more of sci-fi, adventure, and fantasy. Also it is Nancy Drew, a series mostly read by girls, so I’m guessing most boys won’t really want to read it.

This series and this first book is about a young woman solving mysteries and fighting crime. There are probably fifty books in the series (though I’ve only read maybe ten). In this one, she goes on a mini adventure to find a lost will before it’s to late.

Over all, this is a good book and I do suggest it, it’s just not very… thrilling to me. Personally, I think it needs more action and adventure or humor. But hey, maybe there’s more of that in the later books.


  • Mystery, adventure, ahhhhh… exciting? (I don’t know, it’s good let’s just go with that)


  • It’s not really… an action filled book?

Read the original Nancy Drew mystery!

The Secret of the Old Clock is the mystery that began it all for America’s favorite teenaged slueth. The accidental rescue of a little girl who lives with her two great-aunts leads to an adventurous search for a missing will.

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