The Girl with the Silver Eyes by Willo Davis Roberts

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  • Adventurous
  • Christian Friendly
  • Easy Reading
  • Humerous
  • Youth Appropriate
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Alright. I got this book at the library and it was… ok, but not great.

The girl in the book has like some sort-of, magicy power that allows her to move objects with her mind. Not like in a creepy way or anything, but not magic either.

I did like the book, but it’s not one of my favorite books. It was just kinda weird at times. Over all, an OK book and it might work for you, but not really a book I enjoyed. I’m more into adventure and…. anything else…. no offense.


  • Youth-friendly book


  • Kinda weird…. magic stuff

Katie Welker is used to being alone. She would rather read a book than deal with other people. Other people don’t have silver eyes. Other people can’t make things happen just by thinking about them!

But these special powers make Katie unusual, and it’s hard to make friends when you’re unusual. Katie knows that she’s different but she’s never done anything to hurt anyone so why is everyone afraid of her? Maybe there are other kids out there who have the same silver eyes . . . and the same talents . . . and maybe they’ll be willing to help her.

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