Striker Boy by Jonny Zucker

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3.5 Llamas


Sooo… This book was beyond boring… And I’m sorry, I don’t usually review and rant on books I don’t enjoy as much; but I spent 4 DAYS trying to read this silly novel so…

This book is about Nat Levy, a 13 year old boy with a gift for football. Having played all over the world in different countries with different kids, Nat knows the sport well. But when the football team the Hatton Rangers approaches Nat to play everything starts going crazy. Now Nat “Dixon” is a “16” year old and playing for his favorite team ever! Only problem is, Nat starts seeing suspicious behavior from his teammates and might be a bit over his head…

I really don’t have a lot of ‘pros’ for this book. It was super slow, stuff was not described very well and the kid lied about his age throughout the entire novel! (The lie was never fixed either… He just kept lying about being 16) I wanted to review this book because I try to read books for both girls and boys. Here I was thinking this novel would be a great sport read!… Wrong!

The book took forever for me to finish it was so boring. This Jewish kid lies through his teeth the entire time, (Ever heard of the 10 Commandments kid?) any action in the book was only described for like 3 sentences and the big action chapter was skipped and went in a totally different direction! (There was a gun, then there wasn’t and everyone was fine? Totally weird…)

Overall, I really did not enjoy this book. It was boring, it was lacking a lot of action and the football part wasn’t even described well. I don’t suggest this novel. If you want to read it go ahead, it is clean for kids 6 and up. But it’s super boring… -The Young Llama Reader.


  • An ok read for boys 6 and up?


  • Very boring…
  • Lots of lying and some violence…

Just a few days after Nat Levy’s thirteenth birthday, he and his dad Dave return to England for the first time in seven years. Since his mother died, the two of them have been traveling from country to country, wherever Dave can pick up work, and Nat has been playing street soccer with the local kids whenever he has a chance – even on Copa Cabana beach in Rio de Janeiro!

Now it’s a bit of a shock to come back to England, where the cottage Dave has bought turns out to be a wreck, and the prospect of going to school is looming for Nat. The only positive aspect is that they are close to Hatton Rangers, the soccer team they both follow, but even the team is struggling to avoid relegation and possible bankruptcy. Amazingly, Nat’s soccer skills are spotted and he is put forward for a tryout with the team, but there is something fishy going on that is looking increasingly dangerous…

In this soccer-centered thriller, Nat learns about being part of a team, when to take chances, when to accept criticism and when to stand up for himself. His independence and self-reliance help him through some tricky and risky situations.

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