The Road to Ever After by Moira Young

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3.5 Llamas


This book is sweet, heartwarming, (heartbreaking) and such a good read. It does have a weird magical ghost twist to it; but it is still a very good novel.

This book is about Davey, an orphan living in a broke town with no hope and no love. When Davey meets the elderly recluse in the old museum, suddenly an unlikely adventure begins to happen. Miss Flint wants to make it to her childhood home before she dies on Christmas. But has Davey, Miss Flint and George the adorable dog begin their strange road home, Miss Flint begins to age in reverse and the ghosts of her past begin to catch up with her…

The book was very good. It had a fun adventure, sweet friendship and a wonderful focus on forgiving yourself. There is laughter, some tears and a beautiful story all written out on 211 pages of fun! This would be a fun read for boys and girls 11 and up looking for a simple magical story filled with hope.

Now there is some magic in the book. A ghost shows up, mysterious winds guide the way. There is mention of old money buying passage and Celtic Traditions have people bringing the dead soul home? It’s not that creepy, just strange. And the “magic ghost” part is never described. There is a ghost. There is some magical wind. That’s about it. (Also mention of a parson who is a horrible person… That’s all.)

Overall, I very much enjoyed this book. It was sweet and fun, totally clean for kids and teens. However, if you don’t like ghosts then this may not be the book for you. Have a beautiful day!!! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • A funny story filed with midshipmen and forgiveness!
  • Good for kids 11 and up!


  • Mention of ghosts and Celtic Traditions…

Moira Young’s The Road to Ever After is a magical and moving adventure about an unlikely friendship and an unforgettable journey.

Davy David, an orphan, lives by his wits in the dead-end town of Brownvale. When a stray dog named George turns Davy’s life upside down just days before Christmas, Davy sets in motion a chain of events that forces them to flee.

A mischievous wind blows the two of them to a boarded-up museum on the outskirts of town where they meet the elderly recluse, Miss Flint. She has planned one last adventure before her time is up and hires the reluctant Davy and George to escort her.

As they travel, the most peculiar thing begins to happen―Miss Flint gets younger and younger with every mile, and her story unfolds along with it.

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