Charlie and Frog: The Boney Hand (Charlie and Frog, 2)

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This is the 2nd book in this series and I of course haven’t read book 1. But book 2 was soooo good I now need book 1!!!! (I have a problem… But it’s a fun book problem!!!!)

This book is about Charlie a normal boy except he lives in a town built around a deaf school. As a hearing person, Charlie doesn’t quite fit in, but his friend Francine (aka Frog) is helping him learn sign for his part in the Boney Hand play coming up. Only problem is the Boney Hand up and walked away… Now there is a missing hand on the loose and Charlie and Frog are the ones to solve the case!

This book was soooo cute, very funny and totally clean! This book has a fun mystery filled with tons of interesting ASL signs that you get to learn, which I love. The novel has such an interesting insight to the Deaf community and I just adore reading about it!

Now there is some spooky stuff in the book. The Boney Hand is an actually skeletons hand that is said to be from a pirate and is cursed. The hand escapes and starts “haunting” people in the book, but obviously it’s all just a mystery that needs to be solved. Also there is some bullying in the book. Other than that, it’s a great read!

Overall, I love this book. It is soooo cute, so fun and sooooooo interesting! I totally suggest this novel and can’t wait to read book 1!!!!!!!! I hope you have an amazing day! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • A fantastic read for kids!!!
  • Funny, adventurous and full of mystery!


  • Some mention of violence and scary stuff…

Charlie Tickler wants to belong.

Charlie is the new kid at Castle School for the Deaf and one of the few students who is hearing. It’s hard to keep up (and fit in) when you don’t know American Sign Language. That’s why Charlie missed the most important detail of all about the Legend of the Boney Hand. It’s real! And when the Boney Hand goes missing, outsider Charlie is suspect number one.

Francine (aka Frog) Castle wants to be understood.

Frog has been at Castle School for the Deaf her entire life. It’s hard to break away (and stand out) when people don’t take you seriously. That’s why Frog desperately wants to solve a mystery and show the world who she really is: a detective. But when the Boney Hand goes missing, insider Frog is suspect number two.

Together, Charlie and Frog must uncover the facts about an old legend and solve their latest case before the trail goes cold. It will take the help of unexpected friends and a daring race against the clock to finally reveal the truth.

Explore what it means to be seen in this thrilling Charlie & Frog mystery from Edgar Award-nominated author Karen Kane.

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