Can’t Help Falling: A Best Friend’s Brother RomCom by Courtney Walsh

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I am obsessed. Is it unhealthy… probably! But I am obsessed with Courtney Walsh’s novels!!!!!!!! They are some of my favorite romantic comedies to read, and I totally suggest them!

This book is about Emmy, an awkward bookstore owner who is also a successful (semi-secret) podcaster. But when her house catches on fire and she is recused by her best-friends brother, everything starts falling apart. Nevermind the fact that her crush on Owen has never faded, but now she is seeing him everywhere… And even though her simple life is slowly crumbling, it seems maybe Emmy is falling in love… Again…

This book was soooooo cute! The romance is adorable, I love the humor! The characters are hilarious, the plot line is very well written, but it does feel a lot like a book I’ve read before. The whole secret podcast is very predictable, but I still enjoyed the novel!

Now there is some adult topics mentioned. Some cuss words are in the book, and mention of people “resting” together. Mention of dreaming people are shirtless and such is also brought up. But nothing is described in detail, just mentioned here and there. So I would say this is probably a 16 and up book just because of a few adult topics.

Overall, I LOVED IT! It was soooo sweet and felt like watching a rom-com movie!!! I most definitely suggest this book to young ladies 16 and up who are looking for a sweet romantic read with a lot of laughs! May you have a Blessed Day! -The Young Llama Reader,


  • An adorable romance perfect for ladies 16 and up!!!
  • Super sweet and very humorous!
  • A fantastic read!!!


  • Some adult topics mentioned…

Owen Larrabee is not my soulmate. He wasn’t when I confessed my love to him on his wedding day, and he isn’t now. I should probably say that I wasn’t the bride when that happened. I don’t have the best timing.

He’s got a temper, he’s moody, and he has a history of being misunderstood and making big mistakes. I, on the other hand, make pumpkin cupcakes, spend my Friday nights curled up with a beloved romance novel and long to be kissed in the rain. Owen is my best friend’s older, off-limits brother and the only boy I ever thought I loved. Which is laughable because he only ever saw me as his kid sister’s dorky friend.

But that was a long time ago. And I’m over him. Mostly. Until he comes back to Harvest Hollow like some kind of hero, showing up just in time to pull me out of my burning house and make me feel all the things I told myself I’d never feel again.

But I have questions. Why is Owen back? And does he remember our secret friendship or the day I’ve spent the last eight years trying to forget? I know better than to get hung up on Owen again. Especially now, when he’s sworn off relationships and thinks romance is a farce. And I’m something of an expert—at least to the people who listen to my podcast, The Hopeful Romantic.

Never mind that nobody would guess their local bookshop owner is the one doling out popular weekly relationship advice. Never mind that I’m basing all that advice on the hundreds, (thousands?) of romance novels I’ve read over the years and not on personal experience. And especially never mind that Owen is making me question everything I believe about all of it.

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