Quick Book Warning!

Hola my llamaings! I hope your day is going well!!! I am here with a quick little warning about a book before I go read some more.

With every great book in the world there is a bad book. Now that doesn’t mean the book is badly written or boring, it just means that it doesn’t live up to the Christian standards I hold my website too. (Though it could be badly written or boring… It just depends on the book)

This book unfortunately is one of those… Dragonborn is about a young wizards apprentice who’s master dies and he has to find a new home for himself and learn his magic trade before it’s too late. Though there is a dark wizard who wishes his death to escape her cage and will stop at nothing until he is gone…

So… The book was good. It had a great plot line and everything… but the magic is what got me. It was a bit to dark/voo-dooy for my Christian standards. There is some magical fairytale books that don’t bother me because they are light and happy and celebrate good (and they don’t include voo-doo) But this book wasn’t one of those.

The magic is weird and kind-of creepy. The dark wizard lady is locked in a castle with a creature made of shadows. And she scream and hurts herself a lot. (Plus she eats beetles and such… Talk about Gross!) With all of that I would of already not liked it, but she also gets some of her limbs “missing” when she goes past the force field thingy, which is horrifying!

Over all, some times you pick up a good book that sounds interesting and turns out clean, and sometimes you find a book like this… It’s life. Anywho, I hope you have a great day and find a good book! -The Young Llama Reader.

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