A Problematic Paradox by Elliot Sappingfield

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4.1 Llamas


This book was AMAZING!!! With a few violent alien parts, and a lot of COOL sci-fi stuff!!!!!!! I REALLY love this book and I do suggest it, but there is some violence…. (But no one actually gets too bloody hurt, they just get some bloody hurt.)

The book is about this girl who’s super smart! And her father gets kidnapped by these alien people and she then has to go to this really, cool school and find out all about the “Old Ones” who took her father and how to defend themselves against it. All while trying to pass these super smart, really hard classes and survive in this new world of crazy parahumans! And trying to figure out how to find her dad, and hide from the “Old Ones” how want to kill her!!!!!

The book was sooooo good! But, the “Old Ones” (who are like creepy aliens, who want to rule over the world) are kind-of creepy. They feed off of emotions, and they can hypnotize people into doing what ever they want. And at one point in the book, an “Old One” hypnotized a girl into cutting themselves. (But no worries!!! She cut her hair off instead of her skin!!!! But it was a little creepy to read about the whole cutting thing…. So this book might be a one to bring to your parents.)

There was also some violence. Kids at the school do crazy science stuff that gets a few “killed”. (But no worries! At the school they have this amazing doctor who can heal ANYTHING. So death isn’t to big of a problem!) And some limbs break, some people’s emotions get feed upon, and some aliens get their rear-ends kicked pretty good!

Over all, I do believe this is a kid-friendly book, BUT! Only for 8 and up, and with your parents permission. (Due to the violence and sci-fi..) I hope you all have a great day!!! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • A pretty good book for kids and teens.


  • At one point in the book someone was hypnotized into cutting themselves… (Big Con)
  • A little bit of violent alien in the book as well.

Nikola Kross has given up on living in harmony with classmates and exasperated teachers: she prefers dabbling in experimental chemistry to fitting in. But when her life is axially inverted by a gang of extraterrestrials who kidnap her dad and attempt to recruit her into their service, she discovers he’s been keeping a world of secrets from her–including the school for geniuses where she’s sent for refuge, a place where classes like Practical Quantum Mechanics are the norm and where students use wormholes to commute to class. For Nikola, the hard part isn’t school, it’s making friends, especially when the student body isn’t (entirely) human. But the most puzzling paradox of all is Nikola herself, who has certain abilities that no one understands–abilities that put her whole school in greater danger than she could have imagined.

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