In the Double Agent’s Service (Annals of Alasia book 6) by Annie Douglass Lima

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Ok, so first of all I ADORE this book and totally suggest the entire series to any teen or kid looking for an amazing book!!!!!! And second of all, thank you sooooo much Annie for sending me an eBook!!!! (I loved it soooo much and couldn’t put my laptop down for the weekend!)

This book is about the bodyguard of one of the kings from the last book. (And my favorite character!) And it is about him finding family, love and a future for himself. (Which is just sooooo sweet!) But while he’s doing that the Double Agent, who has been in the other books, is trying to destroy everything and everybody Eric loves. (Which Annie wrote soooo beautifully!!! I mean I think the Double Agent was my second favorite character, cause he was just soooooooooooo cool and smart! “You really wrote an amazing book Annie!” )

The book is super clean and kid-friendly, though there are a few mentions of a wedding night. (Nothing happens) And some violence. People get shot, stabbed and fight together a lot. But in a really cool, like super awesome way that you just can’t stop reading it!!!! (I really devoured this book… 410 pages in 2 days… And I was pacing myself!) Some people do die and someone does get hanged, but nothing is described in bloody detail.

Over all, A MUST READ!!!!! I adore this book soooooooo much! This book will be released June 7th in Kindle; and the second when the paperback comes out, I am buying it!!!!!! “Thank you sooooo much for this book Annie!” And I hope you all have a nice day! -The Young Llama Reader.

Here is a link to the book on Amazon if anyone’s interested!!!


  • LOVE!!!!!
  • My new favorite book ever!!!!!!!!
  • A great book for teens!!!!!!


  • Some violence, battles, sword fights.
  • A few mentions of a wedding night.

Erik would give his life to protect King Jaymin. However, when an old enemy shows up with new schemes, that may not be enough.

Anya longs to be noticed by the king’s handsome bodyguard. But as she finally gains Erik’s attention, the notorious spy and double agent Dannel blackmails her into fulfilling a favor she has owed him for years. Anya is forced into a terrible choice: save Erik’s life, or protect her homeland.

Can Erik and Anya thwart an assassin and prevent a war before Dannel destroys everything that matters to them and to the kingdom?

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