More Than a Princess by E.D. Baker

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4.5 Llamas


E.D. Baker is one of my favorite kid authors. She writes magical twists on fairy tales. And, they are kid-friendly! (Warning to those who don’t like magic, these books are filled with magic from top to bottom. Her other series are just the same. I love it, but some people may not. That’s fine, you just had a sad childhood…)

The book is about a half-fairy, half-pedrasi and she is not like normal princesses. She can lift boulders 5 times her size, sing like a dove and draw magic from the stones around her. And then she has to go with these crazy hunters back to their kingdom to protect her own! (If you are not interested by this point, I don’t know what to tell you… CAUSE I WANT TO READ IT ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!)

The book is very clean, and the only thing I would say is a Con was some of the “royals” kept making fun of her figure and weight. You should NEVER do that to some one, but hey, you gotta have a bad guy or the story doesn’t make sense.

Over all, I highly suggest this book to girls. It is soooooo good and I LOVE IT! If you love magic and adventure with a little bit of girl-power, this is your book. -The Young Llama Reader.


  • A amazing books for young and older girls!
  • Magical awesomeness


  • Some people make fun of her figure

Aislin of Eliasind is more than just a princess — she’s half-fairy and half-pedrasi, with magical gifts from each side of her heritage!

One day, as Aislin is venturing through the woods, she is alarmed to hear a band of humans coming through. How did they get past the guarded magical passageway that leads to her hidden kingdom? Mistaken for a human herself, Aislin is captured, and soon realizes she’s in even bigger trouble–she’s being used as a pawn to help the king of this nearby kingdom, Morrain, find a secret passageway to the warring land of Scarmander, so he can capture his enemies by surprise. Aislin must find a way to break free, while also minding the beautiful human princess and ladies-in-waiting she now shares a castle with, who are all too ready to point out her differences. Thankfully, Aislin’s inner strength goes beyond her magical qualities. And with a few loyal friends by her side, she’s ready to stand up for herself and her kingdom once and for all.

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