Lifters by Dave Eggers

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4.2 Llamas


This is the 5th book on the Llama Summer Book List. I actually, really enjoyed this book. It was very intriguing and even kept you on the edge.

The story is about these kids that have a secret life underground. They live in this town that used to build carousels, but not anymore. The carousel business closed down and the town lives in sadness. And now sinkholes and earthquakes form due to that sadness. So, the kids of the town have to keep it from sinking underground.

They sneak away at night and go through these secret doors to go under the town. Then they put supporters in tunnels to keep the town stable. The story itself is about this boy who wants to become a Lifter. (Those are the kids that stop the sinkholes.) His family has suffered a lot of sadness and he has to find out how to bring joy back to the town before its destroyed.

I liked this book a lot. At first I thought I wouldn’t, but then it turned out great. I definitely recommend it. Its great for all ages and a fun story. And I hope you liked my review. -The Tiger Reader


  • Book for all ages
  • Fun story
  • And overall an awesome book


  • There are no cons (Get over it)

When Gran and his family move to Carousel, he has no idea that the town is built atop a secret. Little does he suspect, as he walks his sister to school or casually eats a banana, that mysterious forces lurk mere inches beneath his feet, tearing up the earth like mini-hurricanes and causing the town to slowly but surely sink.

When Gran’s friend, the difficult-to-impress Catalina Catalan, presses a silver handle into a hillside and opens a doorway to underground, he knows that she is extraordinary and brave, and that he will have no choice but to follow wherever she leads. With luck on their side, and some discarded hockey sticks for good measure, Gran and Catalina might just find a way to lift their town–and the known world–out of danger.

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