Nikki on the Line by Barbara Carroll Roberts

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4.4 Llamas


May I just say this book was AWESOME!!!!! It is a very clean, kid-friendly book; and it’s about basketball! I have been looking for more sport books, and my mom found a girl one for me. “Boo-ya!”

The book is very clean and funny, but there is one word in it that may-or-may-not-be ok for some people. And that word is ”Spermdoner”… (If you don’t know what that means… ask your parents. NOT about the word, just about reading the book!) I don ‘t think it’s inappropriate, but I wouldn’t go explaining it to kids. So, I guess the “Kid-friendly” is up to you. (I think it is, but who am I to tell you? I’m just a Innocent child> 😉 )

Over all, I enjoyed this book very much and I am claiming it kid-friendly. You can disagree with me if you want, but we live in a free country. I hope this review was helpful. -The Young Llama Reader.


  • Inspiring and AMAZING!!!!
  • Funny… at least to me it was.
  • Kid-friendly and very clean.


  • One word…Spermdoner.

Thirteen-year-old Nikki Doyle’s dreams of becoming a basketball great feel within reach when she’s selected to play on an elite-level club team. But in a league with taller, stronger, and faster girls, Nikki suddenly isn’t the best point guard. In fact, she’s no longer a point guard at all, which leaves her struggling to figure out who she is and how she fits in.

The stress piles on as Nikki’s best friend spends more and more time with another girl on the team, and when her science teacher assigns a family tree project that will be impossible to complete unless Nikki reveals her most embarrassing secret. As if that’s not enough to deal with, to cover the costs of her new team, Nikki has agreed to take care of her annoying younger brother after school to save money on childcare.

As the stakes rise on the basketball court, at school, and at home, Nikki’s confidence plummets. Can she learn to compete at this new, higher level? And how hard is she willing to work to find out?

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