Mia and the White Lion

Young Mia’s life gets turned upside down when her family decides to leave London to manage a lion farm in South Africa. When a beautiful white lion named Charlie is born, the 10-year-old finds happiness once again as she develops a special bond with the growing cub. When Mia uncovers a secret that puts Charlie in danger, she sets out on an incredible journey across the wild plains to find a sanctuary for her beloved friend.

Ok, may I just say the disobedient level in this movie is HIGH. The girl in it has no self-control and is seriously CRAZY!!!!! But. This is a really good movie.

The movie is obviously about Mia and the White Lion, the movie is pretty clean except for 2 curse words and some one used Christ’s name in vain. (Which I was NOT happy about) But the rest of it was clean, except for the violence. But please remember that there are lions in this movie and lions are dangerous!!!! A few people get attacked but I don’t think you see anything, but there is some blood. Oh! And someone also gets shot with a tranquilizer gun… Ouch…

But over all, this is a pretty good movie, and I am suggesting it; but some lions do die and some people get hurt, so this might be a family movie. (As I always say… ASK YOUR PARENTS!!!!) Thank You, and have a wonderful day! -The Young Llama Reader.

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