CLICK ME!!!!!!!

Great, not that you have clicked this I have something to say, I knew would click this, the llama was just TOO CUTE!!! No, seriously, I do have something to say,

If you are like me, you will browse around for HOURS just trying to find a REALLY good book; but not a lot of people are like me… (Saddness 🙁  ) So I have a hat-tastic idea!!!!!!! Tags… Just click one of the bright, yellow Tags. There are like a MILLION TAGS!!!! Just pick one!!! But don’t pick an inappropriate one, or I will hunt you down find you and stick llama hair up your nose!!!! Kidding… I don’t even know if you live in Michigan… and I don’t have llama hair either. Anyways, the Tags are there to help you find what ever you are looking for, like Adventure or Sci-fi. (Though, it is almost impossible to find good, clean Sci-fi now-a-days.)

I suggest the following Tags: Kid-friendly, Funny, Realistic, Christian, Adventure and Star Wars… Yes, I do have a Star Wars Tag, but I’m not allowed to put too much Star Wars books on this website… but my question to you is, “How much is TOO much?” (That’s my deep thought of the day!)

But, my job is too help YOU find a good clean book to read. That is why my dad and I made this website, to help kids find clean, books. So, please browse around I promise you WILL find a good book if you just look; then you can go find that book at the library or buy it (please ask your parents first). It is not that hard. Now it is hard for me, cause I have to go look around to find new books, and I wish there was a website like mine… But that’s okay, as long as I help you, I will succeed!!! Any ways, please look around and read some of my reviews. Try to find a good book, and make all my hard work pay off!!!!! Love y’all! – The Young Llama Reader.

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