Rollerblading Tonight!!!!

Hey guys! Totally random but my family and I Rollerblade every Tuesday at Brighton Rollerama, at 6:30-ish, and if any of you live near me, we would totally love to have you!!! I am a very friendly person, and I talk to basically everyone; so if you want to come, please do! We usually sit near the back on the right side, and if you can’t spot us I will be wearing a jean jacket that says “Young” on the back. I hope at least one of you shows up cause that would be AWESOME!!! I believe it is 4 or 5 dollers to get in and 4-ish dollers to get rental skates or blades. And we usually go out to eat afterwards so I suggest bringing some extra cash. I hope to see you there!!!

-The Young Llama Reader.

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