Addison Cooke and the Treasure of the Incas by Jonathan W. Stokes

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  • Adventurous
  • Christian Friendly
  • Easy Reading
  • Humerous
  • Youth Appropriate
4.4 Llamas


This book is totally one of my favorites. The characters are hilarious, the story is interesting, and it’s educational. That’s a pretty good book in my opinion.

Addison Cooke is about a 12 year old boy, named Addison, who wants to see the world, and he gets his chance when his Aunt and Uncle go missing. So, he, his sister, and his two best friends go on this crazy adventure to find Addison’s family. And like any treasure hunt story, they run into some people looking for the treasure, they almost die in the jungle, and Raj swings headfirst into a wedding cake. What can I say, it’s a great book.

I think this book is definitely kid-friendly and Christian friendly. There is some violence, but what do you expect, it’s a treasure hunt People! This is a great story for really anyone, but I should tell you…. please, if you are 12 years old and want to go on a treasure hunt, don’t choose to travel to Peru without adults. Overall, it’s a great book, and it is even a part of a series. Hope you liked my review. -Tiger Reader


  • The characters are interesting
  • The story is educational


  • Curse words

Twelve-year-old Addison Cooke just wishes something exciting would happen to him. His aunt and uncle, both world-famous researchers, travel to the ends of the earth searching for hidden treasure, dodging dangerous robbers along the way, while Addison is stuck in school all day. Luckily for Addison, adventure has a way of finding the Cookes. After his uncle unearths the first ancient Incan clue needed to find a vast trove of lost treasure, he is kidnapped by members of a shadowy organization intent on stealing the riches. Addison’s uncle is the bandits’ key to deciphering the ancient clues and looting the treasure . . . unless Addison and his friends can outsmart the kidnappers and crack the code first!

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