The Map to Everywhere by Carrie Ryan and John Parke Davis

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  • Christian Friendly
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  • Youth Appropriate
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I have read this book over and over and over again: and I have enjoyed it soooo much! This is one of my favorite series, and one I suggest to everyone!

The book is a magical, adventure, filled with everything. And I’m not kidding when I say magical, there are sooooooo many creatures in this book that are straight out of someone’s imagination! And I love that the creatures and characters are kid-friendly and not scary (at least not to me). Though some of the magic can be a little odd, with wizards and a magical stream of water that changes anything that falls in it – I still think this book is very clean and perfect for kids.

Over all, this is one amazing book and I love it sooooo much!!!! And I suggest this book for younger kids and older as well.


  • Adventurous, funny and kid-friendly
  • A very thrilling book!


  • Does have some strange magic

To Master Thief Fin, an orphan from the murky pirate world of the Khaznot Quay, the Map is the key to finding his mother. To suburban schoolgirl Marrill, it’s her only way home after getting stranded on the Pirate Stream, the magical waterway that connects every world in creation.

With the help of a bumbling wizard and his crew, they must scour the many worlds of the Pirate Stream to gather the pieces of the Map to Everywhere–but they aren’t the only ones looking. A sinister figure is hot on their tail, and if they can’t beat his ghostly ship to find the Map, it could mean the destruction of everything they hold dear!

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