I received my first free books to review!!!

Hey guys, guess what… I GOT MY FIRST FREE BOOK!!!!!!!! And it’s from THE AUTHOR!!!!!!!!! She actually sent me three of her books, four bookmarks, a really sweet card, and a cutie, wutie, little koala that goes on my pencil. I am sooooooooooooooo happy!!!!!!!! Thank you Lauren Lynch!!!! (And for those who are wondering the book is called The Place of Voices, and it is a christian book, I believe.)

I am actually in the middle of another book someone sent me. It is called Heartsong, and it is by Annie Douglass Lima. The book is actually an eBook, and I am really bad at reading eBooks so this book will take me three or so weeks to read. The book is pretty good so far and I will be posting a review maybe today (if I finish it).

But I would just like to thank Lauren and Annie for sending me their books and I think both of them are gonna get awesome reviews. I hope y’all are having a great day, and y’all are reading some super-amazing-awesome books! Love ya!!!!!!!!!

-Kelsey (Aka The Young Llama Reader)

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