#Black Lives Matter!

I’m putting up a quick Llama Musing today to say just one thing, Black Lives Matter!

This world is destroying itself with racism, and it is just gonna keep getting worse unless we stand up and speak for those who can’t! I’m not here to talk about violence or riots…I’m only here to say, pray for those who are suffering and support those who need it.

I heard a sad story yesterday about a young black man who loved to go on walks. But he would only walk with his dog or little girls, cause if he was alone, someone from the neighborhood he lived in, would call the police… How broken does a world have to be that when you see a gentleman walking down the street, you call the police cause he has darker skin than you? Why is it, that in this world we look at the outside, the skin color, or how good-looking someone is instead of what’s inside?

Jesus doesn’t look at the outside…so why should we? If Jesus can look past my outside, past my mistakes, past every horrible thing I have ever done… to my heart. Why can’t we just look past the skin? It doesn’t matter what race you are; European, Asian, African, South American. IT DOESN’T MATTER! We were all made the same way…Through the Love of God. Through that Love billions of lives today can have Jesus, billions of people shine cause God doesn’t care what they look like… It says in the Bible to strive to be like Jesus. We will never be prefect, but if Jesus can look past my pasty, pale as the dead, acne ridden skin to the heart that shines beneath. Than I can do the same to everyone else! I love you all!!! -The Young Llama Reader. #BlackLivesMatter

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